Pet Spa: Pawsitively Convenient

white and brown dog at the JLofts Pet Spa

JLofts Greenwich is a pet-friendly building where dogs are one more family member we cherish! 

One of the JLofts amenities includes the self-serve dog spa, located on the first floor. Complete with a dog washing area and space for trims and styling, this convenient spa allows you to keep your dog pawsitively gorgeous without leaving home or for in between trips to the groomer.

Why you’ll love our Dog Spa as much as we do:

  • Time saving! Between work, family obligations, school, friends, and other errands, sometimes a trip to the groomer takes backstage. The self-wash station at JLofts has room to bring your supplies and bathtime can be quick and fun.
  • All-weather accessible. Is your dog afraid of snow and water (it’s usually the bigger ones that are!) A trip to the first floor is much warmer, neater, and easier than a ride in your car!
  • Your JLofts home is a familiar environment, and we know that pets can be territorial. A dog wash service at JLofts allows dogs to be groomed in an environment they know and trust, reducing stress and anxiety associated with unfamiliar places.
  • Bathtime can be FUN, even a social experience for your dogs. The JLofts dog spa is spacious and gives you an opportunity to make a puppy playdate. Bond over bubbles!
  • Preventative care, such as early detection of skin irritations, ticks, or lumps is easier during a grooming session. An at home dog wash service allows for regular check-ups, so that pet owners can address potential health concerns promptly.

Did you know there are pet-friendly parks located within minutes of JLofts Greenwich? A walk in the park is the perfect bonding time, provides you and your pet with exercise, and fresh air and can be an enjoyable social experience as well.

  • Bring your pet to play off leash at Grass Island Dog Park in Greenwich, CT. This 3/4-acre fenced park includes a separate area for small dogs.
  • Bruce Park is a large, scenic park located in central Greenwich with walking paths, picnic areas, and a pond. Dogs are welcome in the park on-leash and there are plenty of opportunities for them to explore and enjoy the park.
  • Byram Park is a waterfront park located on the western edge of Greenwich with a beach, picnic areas, and walking paths. Dogs are welcome in the park on-leash and there are plenty of opportunities for them to explore and play.
  • Binney Park is a large, tree-lined park located in the heart of Greenwichalso with walking paths, picnic areas, and a pond. 

Canine Comfort: Help your pup be a good neighbor at JLofts and follow these pup-ular policies:

  • Regular exercise can help your dog workout energy and boredom. Visit those parks!
  • Establish a routine for eating, sleeping, playing and bathroom breaks. This helps your dog feel secure.
  • Create a cozy space where your dog can keep his or her favorite toys and relax in a safe space. This may help reduce anxiety barks.
  • Follow leash rules, clean up after your dog, and observe the JLofts pet-related policies to maintain a positive relationship with neighbors.
  • Keep your dog healthy and ensure your dog is up to date on vaccinations. Keep and schedule regular vet checkups.
  • Consider a pet-walker or doggy daycare if you are away from your JLofts home for longer periods of time. This can help break up your dog’s day and prevent boredom behavior.