Spring is here! Welcome the warmer weather and bright colors by giving your JLOFTS Greenwich apartment a design makeover. Even the simplest touches can make your space feel new and reimagined. Here are our three favorite spring updates:

  1. Greenery. One way to brighten your home at JLOFTS is to use plants and flowers to enhance your space. Adding plants with a familiar scent, like lavender or jasmine, makes your home all the more inviting. In-home plants have also been shown to reduce stress and improve concentration, making your residence the ideal place for both relaxation and productivity. With Winston Flowers less than 15 minutes away, you can bring home plants and flowers to incorporate the feeling of spring into your JLOFTS apartment.
  2. Artwork. One of the best ways to personalize your JLOFTS apartment is to showcase various art forms that speak to your individual taste. Be it an album cover, movie poster, painting, inspirational quote, or small sculpture, the addition of artwork that symbolizes who you are brings your residence to life. The artwork featured in your home can reflect the vibrant colors and livelihood of the spring season.
  3. Meaningful Items. Adding meaningful items, such as an heirloom that has been passed down through generations of your family, can further make your JLOFTS apartment feel like home. These types of items can add a feeling of warmth and comfort to your living space by marrying the significance of a special item with the promise of building a life in your new JLOFTS Greenwich apartment!

As spring begins to roll in, your JLOFTS apartment can mirror the beauty of Greenwich during the season. Whether you spend the afternoon browsing through the locally-owned shops on Greenwich Avenue, strolling through the scenic local parks, or simply relaxing at home, JLOFTS Greenwich has it all!