Apartments present their own unique storage struggles, and The JLofts is here to help. The JLofts apartments feature an amazing amount of storage space and spacious rooms, but for those of you still in need of some apartment storage hacks, we have you covered. Here are four of our favorite hacks to get your home organization journey started.

1. Labels Labels Labels...


The JLofts apartment kitchens have plenty of storage, so all you need are some clear containers to make your pantry look uniform, and of course label everything.A smart investment for an organized home is a label maker. OR, purchase a pack of these handy Reusable Chalkboard Labels!

2. Use Lazy Susans to Maximize Corner Space

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Corners can easily turn into dead, awkward space. Transform your corners into accessible space with convenient lazy Susans! We particularly love this one from Ikea.

3. Opt for a Headboard with Storage

Photo: West Elm

We love furniture with a dual purpose! Use your bed and headboard as storage opportunities by opting for a headboard or bed frame with storage.

4. Hang Your Lighting

Photo: Made Up Style

The right lighting can make your break your space, but it doesn't need to take up space! Try a hanging light or attach your bedside lamps to the wall.