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Did you know that in 1978, U.S. President Jimmy Carter announced the creation of a national day aimed at raising public awareness that good neighbors help achieve human understanding and build strong, thriving communities? It’s TRUE! Since that year, National Good Neighbor Day has been celebrated annually on September 28th.

You may consider yourself a social butterfly or more of a loaner where you tend to keep to yourself. Either way, there are numerous benefits to being a good neighbor.

Whether you want to create new friendships, improve neighborly interactions, or develop a deeper community connection, here are 6 tips to cultivate and enjoy a positive, hospitable vibe at JLofts Greenwich.

TIP 1: Are you new? See someone new?

  • Smile, introduce yourself, offer your name to welcome new or unfamiliar residents.
  • A friendly greeting can boost your and your neighbors’ mood. Take time to stop and smell the roses with a friendly meet & greet next time you’re in the elevator or lobby.
  • Exchange phone numbers (always helpful in emergency situations!)
  • Participate in JLofts events like the annual summer BBQ and holiday gathering.
  • Make plans to meet up in the JLofts Club Room. Enjoy amenities such as the pool table, fireplace, kitchen and patio, together.

Tip 2: Noisy Neighbors

  • Check yourself first! Make sure your TV, music and party noise is under control!
  • Evaluate the situation – do you know where the noise is coming from, and does it happen frequently?
  • First approach with a note. If you’re sure you know what the noise is and who is making it, try slipping a friendly note under your neighbor’s door.
    • Using phrases like “I have a hard time sleeping and noticed your TV is on late at night…” OR “I work from home and am having a hard time concentrating when you practice your music …” are less aggressive than writing, “You can’t watch TV past 11pm.” Or “You are playing your music too loud.”
    • Have some solutions ready. Ask if your neighbor can turn the volume down after a certain time or relocate their musical instrument to another room.
    • If loud walking is an issue, suggest your neighbor remove his or her shoes at the entryway. You could share some ideas of inexpensive and stylish shoe racks you use in your own residence.
    • If there are frequent parties, ask for advance notice, so you can be prepared and adjust your own schedule.
  • If you’re comfortable, knock on the door to have a friendly chat. Ask if it is a good time to chat about how you’re feeling.
  • Explain the problem calmly and suggest a few solutions that may work.
  • Be kind and respectful when you approach. Treat others as you would want to be treated.
  • Consult management if issues continue to go unresolved.
  • Follow up with a thank you note when resolved!

Tip 3: Mind Your Pets

  • At JLofts we are a dog-friendly community! Introduce your dog(s) to your neighbors so they get to know them and are comfortable socializing with them.
  • Keep your dogs leashed and be sure to clean up after them.
  • Take advantage of our self-serve pet spa amenity, located on the first floor of JLofts.
  • Make sure your pet has plenty of outdoor time to prevent excess energy and potential noise.
  • Leave toys or treats to keep your pet entertained and satisfied when you’re not at home. This can help prevent boredom-related issues.

Tip 4: Keep Our Common Areas Clean

  • Good neighbors take the time and care to put their trash in the right space, and in proper receptacles.
  • Be sure to break down your cardboard boxes. Remember how time consuming it is for our JLofts staff to have to do that chore for everyone.
  • Be tidy in the club room, lobby, and other common spaces. We want you to enjoy the amenity areas and be as comfortable as possible. Please help us make sure the areas are kept clean and uncluttered.

Tip 5: Be a Respectful Party Host

  • Respect the community rules when hosting a get together in one of the JLofts amenity spaces. Confirm the number of guests allowed.
  • If hosting in your home, notify your neighbors with a friendly note under the door. (If on good terms, consider inviting them to attend!)
  • Tell your guests where to park, so they will not use reserved spaces.
  • Remember the quiet hours. That applies to hallway noise, coming and going, too.

Tip 6: Remember the Golden Rule

  • Be a rule follower
  • Be thoughtful and kind
  • Be respectful of each other’s privacy
  • Be communicative
  • Be observant
  • Be supportive